About BMW Safari

So what is this “Safari” thing all about?

The BMW Safari event began in 1994, designed to cater specifically for riders of BMW Motorcycles. It is unique to Australia but that shouldn't suprise you given this country offers some of the greatest motorcycle terrain in the world. There are two different flavours - the TS Safari for road touring and the GS Safari for off-road adventure riding. Along with the recent addition of the GS Safari-Enduro, which is a more technical and higher endurance off-road ride, there is an event suitable for riders with all levels of experience. 

The Safari typically runs as a touring style event for 5 days staying in a different location each night. The kilometres covered each day varies between about 200 – 500 kilometres so riding time could be up to 8 – 9 hours on some days.

It is not a guided tour but the route is pre-ridden in the lead up to the event and full route maps and GPS tracks are created. We also send a lead rider out early in the morning to additionally mark the route with some arrows and also check road conditions in case of any major hazards en-route.

Each rider is free to follow this route at their own pace and stop as they please throughout the day. The only exception to this is on the GS Safari where we will sometimes have alternate hard routes planned for riders who want to challenge themselves a little more. In this case we will have a lead and tail rider who guide riders over more difficult terrain. Help will be at hand to ensure everyone gets through safely as a group.

We also have a support crew consisting of BMW Master Technicians travelling on motorcycles in amongst the riders ready to lend a helping hand. In addition to this we have a sweep vehicle bringing up the rear with a trailer to carry any bikes that need to be picked up. A luggage truck is also part of the convoy and will cart your luggage to each overnight stop so your bike is not weighed down with all your clothes.

Your daily routine while on Safari will look something like this:

  • Wake up and grab some breakfast at your hotel or perhaps somewhere else in town.
  • Gear up and fire up your GPS or get your route map organised for the day so you know where you going.
  • Drop your overnight bag off with the luggage truck (GS only) so your bike is a little lighter making the days ride more enjoyable without the extra weight.
  • Hit the road and maybe grab some fuel before you leave town sometime around 8 – 9am.
  • Follow the route laid out for you either on your GPS or on the printed route map in your tank bag or pocket. There will also be some arrows marking the track along the way too.
  • Stop and grab a bite to eat when you feel like it or pull up and check out some touristy stuff. The pace is relaxed so you don’t have to feel rushed.  It is not a race, so enjoy it!
  • Where and when you stop for lunch is generally up to you but sometimes on the GS Safari we will pre-arrange lunch catering if we are travelling through a remote area.
  • You should arrive at our overnight destination mid to late afternoon so it’s a good idea to fill up the tank and give the bike a once over to make sure it’s ready for the next day. If you’ve got any bike problems this will give you time to fix it.
  • Make your way to the designated luggage truck location where you can collect your bag and head off to your accommodation for the night. This will be listed on your day's route sheet and on the GPS routes each day.
  • You should have time to freshen up with a shower and put some stylish clothes on before making your way the all-important rider's briefing held at around 6.30pm.
  • At the riders briefing we will bask in the afterglow of a great days ride before explaining the route and what to expect for the next day. Route maps will be provided and any points of interest will be addressed to the group.
  • After the riders briefing you are free to grab some dinner.
  • Your mum isn’t going to be there (you hope!) to tell you when to go to bed so it’s up to you how long you sit around gas bagging at the end of the day.
  • When you are fully spent for the day, hit the sack to recharge the batteries and get ready to do it all over again!

The farewell dinner will give everyone a chance to tell stories about the week’s adventures and perhaps make plans for the next ride with your new found riding buddies.  Lots of people attend the events, so you’re sure to meet some good people you would like to share a ride with again.

Remember it’s not always about the destination and many of you will enjoy a great journey just getting to and from the event. This part of the trip can often be as enjoyable as the event itself and is all part of the Safari experience.